A Bit of Context

Gary HS 2015It was very clear that when the Board offered us the position of senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center Spokane that they felt very confident in our ability to take the ministry “to the next level.” For me, personally, this became an opportunity for me to share all of the program elements that I had created for the Pilot Program with Unity Spiritual Center.

For so many years, my critics have correctly asserted that I have never put my theories into practice with my own ministry; that my ideas about integral ministry arts have been theoretical and not field-tested or proven. While the Pilot Program has been a momentous learning experience for those connected with the design and implementation of the Transformation Experience, much of what these ministries experienced was, indeed, truly evolutionary. Since the program’s conclusion in 2012, much thought has been given to repackaging the successful program elements into modules that others could use. Several guidebooks will be available next month from Unity Worldwide Ministries as resources to ministry leaders interested in utilizing these successful modules.

What this means is that Unity Spiritual Center will become the benefactor of the programs that I have created that have been field-tested and proven successful. In other words, I am unleashed! I get to demonstrate the value and efficacy of what has taken my entire ministerial career to formulate and create.

With this said, the voice of Spirit has informed me that, while my work has been significant and ground-breaking, it (my work) has simply got me to where I am now. My mission is not necessarily a matter of simply bringing the Transformation Experience to Unity Spiritual Center, but rather partnering with this community and leadership to take it to the next level. My past experience has given me skills, insights, understandings, vision, and an integral lens through which to see how to evolve the cultural and systemic dimension of ministry. Yet, I am discovering now that I am in the role of “consultant / guide”, that there is no linear path to second-tier and that the deeper breakthroughs happen in the context of being Spirit-led rather that “module motivated.”

This means that I am starting over in so many ways at being a minister. It’s been 18 years since I have served in this capacity. And, after 35 years of ministry, I believe I am now sufficiently awake, grown-up, and clear enough to be successful. It is now obvious to me that my co-ministry with Jane and Unity Spiritual Center is one finding the “sweet spot” where Spirit guides us along this journey rather than Jane or I thinking that it is up to us. The best thing is that this community is really ready to get to the “next level.”

In the months to come, getting to the next level will be a central theme of this blog. But, there is still more context and background that is needing to be declared in order for everything to make sense. My hope is that this sharing will provide ideas, insights, and conversations that support the success and well-being of our ministries and their leaders.

Blessings, Gary

2 thoughts on “A Bit of Context”

  1. Congratulations Gary…Yes actions speak louder than theory….I am delighted to be connected to you and Jane and support your success, our success, 100%! Thank you for being you, Gary!

  2. Well said Gary. I praise you for putting yourself on the firing line and willing to share the journey. I look forward to reading this most interesting adventure.

    Many blessings to you, Jane and the Unity Spiritual Center.

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