My Healing Journey Update

Hate WritingI sometimes lament my blog posts aren’t more frequent and that I had a greater love for writing as to make the effort even enjoyable. The truth is that I like writing about as much as I like to visit the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I enjoy the finished product, but the process of getting there is typically an ordeal for me. This may be surprising to some but the fact is that a lot of what I have “written” has been transcribed from something I have shared as a speaker. No doubt, many of you are not as squeamish when it comes to putting fingers to keyboard. So I am not so much complaining as explaining myself. Of course, you will grant me some slack considering my current health challenge and the distractions that accompany the dealing with not dying right away. Far be it from me to either go out prematurely or without fanfare.

So, instead, this blog will focus on the premature remission of my cancer and the fanfare that helped to make that happen. Since its been a while since I have posted, I feel … well not guilty, but, like I’m late sending in my quarterly income tax estimate. With that said, let me get right to it…

I received my cancer diagnosis (stage 4 metastatic melanoma) on February 17th. I had six tumors bulging from underneath my skin, two were golf ball size, three pea size, and one, an orange size. In addition, a body scan revealed two dozen or more smaller tumors throughout my entire body, including one on my liver,
bowel and lung. Thankfully, no tumor was causing an obstruction or was otherwise immediately life threatening. Consequently, Jane and I immediately registered for Dr. Joe pw_seattle2016_2Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop to be held 3 months later in Seattle, just a 5 hour drive away. As many of you know, Dr. Joe appeared in the What the Bleep movie and is author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and The Placebo Effect. We regularly cite from these two great works during our Sunday talks and find that our congregation is hungry for everything “Quantum Spiritual” (a blending of spirituality, brain and quantum science).

Having already lost Nan, my previous wife to brain cancer 14 years ago, and Jane, her mother to breast cancer almost 9 years ago, we immediately knew that my healing journey would include a reckoning with issues relating to the heart—my regrets, unforgiveness, limiting beliefs, and the shadow qualities that I have taken on that keep me affirming my addiction to a sense of not enough. In other words, my healing journey began with the recognition that my cancer is a symptom of heart issues that need acknowledgment, understanding, self-compassion, forgiveness, healing and integration. I am learning that I need to recognize that my body is simply a hardcopy of my subconscious mind, an out-picturing of my inner world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotional, psychological and physical cravings (addictions). And so, I need to create a new body-mind independent of my past self that is free of imbalance, incoherence, and driven behavior. Dr. Joe’s program uses a “brain aligned” meditation process of reformatting the neurocircuitry of the brain as a foundation for activating and amping up immune function of the body, providing coherent energy to healing centers and the balancing of all systems that are impacted by thought, behavior and states of being (Epigenetics).

We waited to tell our congregation about my diagnosis until after I was clear about the methods and treatment options I would engage in as a part of a “whole person” approach to my healing. Before we learned about the medical options, I made the conscious decision not to have chemo or radiation therapy because of the quality of life issues that Nan and Jane’s mom suffered and the fact that both treatment options are carcinogenic.

We soon learned that the only conventional treatment option that would be helpful was Keytruda, the same immunotherapy drug that former President Jimmy Carter used to affect his cancer remission (and the same treatment used by Rev. David McClure, minister emeritus of Unity Spiritual Center). It was made clear to us, by the oncologist, that there is “no cure” for melanoma, that the immunotherapy would at best, reduce the size of my tumors so I could manage the disease, not cure it. This “best case scenario” was considered to help 35 – 40% of the time. In other words, the Keytruda doesn’t work for everyone.

Well, telling a Unity minister, and especially me with Jane by my side, that “there is no cure” is like telling Marty McFly that he is chicken. Jane and I would give no power to “there is no cure.”

I saw two doctors after I was told of my cancer. The first was a surgical oncologist. He encouraged me to have multiple options and treatment strategies, and not to go “all in” on any one, including what they would offer. He even encouraged me to try medical marijuana as it would not interfere with the Keytruda. Having some experience with the recreational use of the drug, I had always thought that if I ever had the need, I would definitely use it if circumstances warranted it. I partially credit the rapid shrinkage of all my tumors to the cannabis oil regimen I began shortly after meeting with my first doctor. (Contact me if you wish more details regarding my experience with Rich Simpson Oil. It’s NOT fun, but works!)

My first doctor handed me off to another oncologist who specializes in melanoma cancer treatment. He’s a very smart Turkish immigrant who is a Unitarian Universalist. It took us two visits with him before he finally admitted that my tumors were gone well before the Keytruda could be considered making any difference and that the medical marijuana was, indeed, effective.

In addition the the medical marijuana treatment, Jane and I also healing codesbegan using The Healing Codes, a self-directed energy healing process that guides the user through a series of hand positions in relation to the healing centers of the body. The practitioner sends energy through the fingers of each hand to direct healing energy at specific locations. (You can find YouTube demonstrations of the Healing Codes hand positions online.)

I also utilized the services of message therapists, Reiki practitioners, distance healers, Silent Unity, our ministry’s prayer team, laying on of hands healing, CSL mind treatments, the Q Process, and a number of supplements (Vitamin B-17 & B15–bitter apricot seeds) for immune health (Turkey Tail mushroom), parasite cleansing, and detox. I consulted a naturopathic chiropractor who did muscle testing on me for every supplement I took to insure that my body was responsive to the treatment. It was especially helpful to have his support for determining how to dose everything.

Blessings of energy centersThe capstone of my healing approach has been Dr. Joe’s Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation program. This is perhaps the most powerful meditative process for healing that Jane and I have ever experienced. It is quantum healing at its very best.

My oncologist has scheduled another PetScan to verify that I am, indeed, in remission. I believe my tumors are gone, however, my healing journey continues no matter the result as Jane and I recognize that many in our spiritual community are walking the same path. Our community is excited about integrating spiritual principles, brain and quantum science into maximizing everyone’s efforts in engaging the deeper work of spiritual transformation. It’s very inspiring to have our spiritual community on the journey with us.

Blessings, Gary

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  1. Thank you Gary for sharing your life. There are no words I can think of that describe the miracle that you are and that you demonstrate…..Hello to Jane. Much love to you both! Paula

  2. Why am I not surprised! My heart is filled with joy! Love & more blessings overflowing!

  3. So glad you moved through your analogous ick feeling of a dental cleaning to write your blog. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your journey in self healing. Here’s to a good, long remission….Hugs to you and Jane.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience, dear Gary. I love Dr. Joe’s work and celebrate all the modalities you have opened yourself to!

  5. Thanks for sharing this powerful testimony and full, complete and normal living is yours henceforth.

    Please keep us up to date as you experience dynamic living in the fullest that we may all know the power of the Universe flowing through us all.
    Peace and Love,

  6. Wonderful news, Gary! Thanks for sharing so many of the modalities that you tried. I am sure that they will help others to discover ways to bring about their own healing. Hugs to you and Jane. I led a discussion group at Unity of Independence, Mo., on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Love Dr Joe’s research and clarity in writing.

  7. hank you so much for this insightful account of your healing journey . Your sharing and honesty is a blessing to all who read this . I look forward to future updates of this amazing healing journey.

  8. Why are we not surprised? Such awesomeness! Blessings on your ongoing journey of wholeness.

  9. Thank you dear Gary for sharing this amazing healing experience! The content is priceless and very inspiring to me. May you continue enjoying life as the authentic being you already are!!! Peace to you and Jane, Carmen-Venus

  10. How truly amazing, your healing is Gary! I had not even heard of your diagnosis………….and to hear if your rapid healing brings perfect JOY~
    Thank you Gary for sharing how you have connected to your Highest Guidance and have achieved these results………
    I look forward to a new book from you about this.
    With you and Jane and all who know and love you and give thanks in all ways for your healing and for your continued wellness so that your wisdom will continue to bless the world.

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