MindMovies Visualization Tool: Part 1

Making your mind matter

Jane and I are attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshop this November in Cancun. We had such a powerful experience last May at his Progressive Workshop held in Seattle that we immediately signed up for his advanced program.

We originally registered for the workshop in response to my cancer diagnosis last February. Since I was in total remission by April, instead of my healing as our purpose, we were to learn the brain and quantum science behind manifesting any greater good. This, of course includes healing, financial independence, etc. As many of you know, Dispenza first appeared on the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? prior to becoming famous for his ground breaking books: Evolve Your Brain, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and The Placebo EffectOur most popular book study at Unity Spiritual Center thus far has been exploring the principles of two of these amazing books.

Dr. Joe teaches workshop participants how to “upload” to the quantum field via our body’s energy centers and then provides coherent meditation practices that, in turn, enable us to download a “specified desired good” from the field into the manifest realm.

We are already masters of manifestation since our current personal reality is an effect of the same quantum process, albeit unconscious for the most part. And until recently, we lacked the science behind the process necessary to amplify a coherent spiritual practice. As so, if we are already capable of bringing forth the substance of our experience through our thoughts, feelings, and states of being, it’s time to make both the system and process of manifestation conscious and intentional.

We also know that any good intention along with the proper elevated emotion can go nowhere if our unconscious programing is contradictory. In other words, we may get very clear about the principles of abundance, very dedicated in the practice of prosperity, but to no avail due to an unconscious sense of not enough. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, this is the primary reason why traditional tithing practices are unsustainable. Whatever increase is realized through the practice of tithing, a person’s unconscious belief that they are not enough will prevail in the long run.

90 % ProgramingThe reason for this is that our subconscious mind and our body have become so integrated that our bodies have memorized the emotional states that define its sense of “normal”.  That includes the 90% of our programing (beliefs) that is unconscious, and therefore runs us without our permission. If you wonder why your life does not change for the better when you employ spiritual principle, it’s because your body-mind seeks to fulfill the default programing of your impoverished self.

Dispenza has basically formulated a “workaround” for this problem. Absent of making conscious the unconscious, we would need to acquire decades of meditative discipline to control our waking thoughts and our states of being in order to override the biochemical circuitry that constitutes our body-mind. “When the body has become the mind,” Dispenza asserts, “we replicate our past and remain locked in habitual patterns of being that reinforce our current personal reality.”

In addition, he suggests that at the beginning of each day, we reboot the subroutines that define us–preferences, reflexes, habits, addictions, aversions, etc. Whatever new or creative intention arises, it emerges in the context of limiting beliefs and habits of being. That’s why it is so difficult to apply spiritual principle to manifesting a greater good, because at our core, we are “all in” with respect to our conditioned being.

Brain resercherDozens of brain researchers and scientists attend these workshops to record and see firsthand how Dispenza’s meditation techniques alter states of consciousness that affect genes (epigenetics), the immune system (psychoneuroimmunology), HRV (heart rate variability) and the capacity to impact matter (manifestation). The results are tangible, measurable, and transformative. People with terminal illnesses have walked away cured after three days of meditation.

YogiWe have heard of yogis who manifest rings or ash out of thin air. People at these workshops learn the science behind this phenomenon as well as how thoughts can heal the body while scientists monitor their brain activity and document the correlation between brain waves, mental states and the changes in the physical body. Jane and I have volunteered to be among the dozens of participants who will be hooked up to high tech monitoring devices.

In preparation for the Advanced Workshop, Dispenza has partnered with MindMovies.com by providing all of his Advanced workshop participants with their own subscription to this transformative visualization tool. He has requested that we each come to the workshop having created our own mind movie for the purpose of amplifying the affect of the program. Mind movies are not new. However, this particular platform enables an individual to create a movie that is personal and powerful. My experience of creating my own movie has been so provocative that I plan to find a way for our entire congregation to have their own personal movie, if they so desire.

Subsequent blog posts will chronicle my efforts to make this happen at Unity Spiritual Center. The principle for me is very simple. Before our ministry can thrive and overcome its sense of not enough, the people in our ministry must thrive, and have a concrete experience of manifesting a greater good in their own lives. MindMoviesOnce a tipping point has been reached where the majority of our spiritual community is utilizing the same visualization tool, just as we are now utilizing the same shadow work tool (the Q Process), we will witness the benefits of a more coherent and intentional collective consciousness. Then, our next step will be to create a single mind movie for our ministry’s future that everyone in our church will use to manifest needed property and facility improvements.

Part 2 will go into more specificity regarding the MindMovie platform itself and how this particular visualization tool is aligned with Dispenza’s workaround and our New Thought teachings. Please subscribe and share these posts. I will also share my plan to engage and attract scores of Millennials to support this project. And isn’t that what all of us really want anyway, more Millennials?

Here is my mind movie. Most of what you will see is about my desired future. I have selected affirmations that are aligned with my goals and dreams. The one rule is that you refrain from specifying How or When these things will come to pass. (Some of you may have seen the movie I posted on Facebook. It received over 900 views within 18 hours. This one is quite different.) Enjoy!


Blessings, Gary