MindMovies Visualization Tool: Part 2

Before I get started with Part 2 about how we plan to use the MindMovies visualization tool as a community-wide spiritual practice for manifesting greater health, abundance and fulfillment (and attracting Millennials to Unity Spiritual Center), I want to reiterate how jazzed I am about finding a way for EVERYONE (who wants one) in our community to have their own mind movie.

Here is my movie (https://youtu.be/15PU5CUOfMw) to check out before I go into the details.

As you can see, my MindMovie consists of uplifting music, personalized pictures, dramatic transitions, video segments, affirmations, and subliminal messages (well you can’t see these). I have gone the extra mile with respect to the timing and synchronization of my affirmations, transitions, videos, and picture effects with the words of my song: Its My Time. (Finding the right music is key to the “workaround” I discussed in my previous blog post. More about that later.)


In addition, the MindMovies platform provides a selection of stock pictures, videos, affirmations, music, and subliminal programing along with the ease of a drag and drop process for creating a highly polished personalized movie. Everything on the platform is organized into a variety of themes: spirituality / gratitude, personal wealth & money, relationship / life partner, health, material possessions, family / friends, contribution, business / career, and audacious goals / lifestyle. The website also includes numerous tutorials and a script-writing process that is useful in creating a coherent “storyboard” in preparation for pulling together the various elements of the movie making process. Finally, the finished movie can be previewed, saved, and then processed into a downloadable .mp4 formatted file. The movie file can then be uploaded to any device so it can be easily accessed and used as a part of a visualization practice. I have since learned that there are other “mind movie making” platforms that offer similar features, more or less.

As I have mentioned in Part 1, Jane and I are using the MindMovies platform in preparation for our participation in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshop. He is a master at explaining the science behind how we create our personal reality and how to upload consciously to the quantum field. Since we already unconsciously establish, maintain, and perpetuate our habit of being our current selves, something truly awesome happens when we learn the science behind manifesting.

We quickly see that the “mechanics” of manifestation are an effect of a body/mind process that includes: 1) coherent thought (positive or negative), 2) sustained elevated emotion (once again, positive or negative) 3) that leads to the “felt sense” that something is happening now, all of which results in establishing 4) a habit of being (good or not so good habit).

Shifting from manifesting unconsciously to consciously is about creating a coherent image or representation of a desired state, with sufficient clarity in order to evoke a positive elevated emotion. This emotion needs to be sustained over time in order to activate new neural pathways, resulting in a new habit of being that is not tethered to the PAST.

Because our habit of being is a body/mind phenomenon, the effort to manifest a new personal reality requires that we recondition our body to a “greater mind.” Simply put, we must “break the habit of being ourselves.” By creating a clear, specific, coherent intention and by coupling it with an elevated emotion or the felt sense of whatever image or images that represent our coherent intention, we can then apply a spiritual practice of sufficient intensity to recondition our body to a new state of being (a greater mind). When our new state of being is practiced and its felt sense sustained, we can begin to override our unconscious programming. This cannot be a haphazard practice, however. How often are our best intentions undermined by self-doubts, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, etc.? In other words, we must “pray without ceasing” so to speak with respect to our desired future.

law-of-attractionSome may question the spiritual integrity of what might be construed as a hybrid application of the “Law of Attraction.” I have certainly been a critic of such “translational” principles that seem to attribute importance and validity to the endeavor of manifesting greater abundance or the achievement of audacious goals as an indicator of spiritual consciousness. For me, however, I make the  distinction between manifesting as a means of moving away from or minimizing some discomfort in one’s life, as opposed to manifesting a desired future as a means of fulfilling a deep passion and purpose in life.

In other words for me, I want to make $10,000 a week, not because I am dealing with not enough or because I have credit card debt, but because $10,000 a week is what I need to fulfill my passion for aviation, travel, staying connected to family and friends, building our retirement home, and supporting my spiritual community. The key is to focus on moving toward your passion, rather than away from your discomfort. In this way, learning how to manifest consciously can also be linked to knowing one’s own worth, magnificence, and capacity to co-create a world that works for everyone.

I have often felt that as a ministry leader I have made the mistake of trying to get my congregations to support the ministry BEFORE they know how to demonstrate greater abundance, well-being, health, and fulfillment in their own personal lives. Our plan at Unity Spiritual Center is to teach people how to manifest a greater good consistent with their passion and purpose FIRST, before we ask them to help sustain the ministry in a greater way. This way, any sense of not enough is eclipsed by their capacity to move toward their passion and purpose. People’s support will flow more authentically when they have confidence in their own ability to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of their families, friends, and community.

In Part 3, I will share how the process of creating one’s own mind movie in a manner of speaking, is like uploading to the quantum field. I will also provide more details with respect to how the mind movie helps to create a coherent intention surrounding a desired future representative of one’s passion and purpose as well as how it helps to create sustained elevated emotions of such magnitude as to minimize the influence of limiting beliefs.

Blessings, Gary

2 thoughts on “MindMovies Visualization Tool: Part 2”

  1. Another great blog. I, too, have been really getting into a deeper understanding of LOA, reading Joe, Esther, watching MindMovies, listening to Abraham recordings, and registering for Abraham next month. Right now I’m super focussed on inner peace. You’ve motivated me to get MindMovies 4.0. Keep it coming.

  2. Hi Gary,
    I would definitely be interested in knowing how to create a mind movie. I subscribed to Mind Movie several years ago and was using one of their stock movies for prosperity. I had great success with it. Then I bought a new computer and had everything transferred to my new one, except mind movies.
    Apparently they don’t transfer. The deep desire of my heart is to live from my divinity, not my ego, and to know God as myself and as everyone. I think we are all God creating our own world and impacting the larger world.

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