MindMovie Visualization Tool: Part 4–It’s My Time

not-good-smart-etc-enoughIntegral to the life changing power of the mind movie visualization program is using it as a tool for transforming the sense of not enough. Otherwise, the entire system is simply a high tech treasure mapping process. There is little benefit for people to manifest a greater good in their lives if it is for the purpose of resolving some discomfort associated with their current life circumstances. (How to use discomfort to transform the sense of not enough will be discussed later.) If we can see that the discomfort we experience with what we are currently having as our life situation arises from our sense “I am not enough” it is evident that to “get more” of something at best only provides a temporary reprieve from what is otherwise a mirror unto our own internal insufficiency.

To be clear, there is no problem with the HAVING of anything. The problem is when our HAVING has us. When in the having of something we want or in the not having of something we don’t want we can become emotionally altered, feeling either diminished or self-important, what we HAVE has become a part of our identity. This happens because HAVING is almost always experienced in the context of our sense of not enough.

IF I have to HAVE things be a certain way in order for me to feel okay about myself, I am living from my sense of not enough. In this sense, what I HAVE, has me. This is a kind of “spiritual incongruence”–when HAVING equals BEING. What we HAVE becomes an extension of who we are and therefore, what we DO arises out of our need to feel better about things or to minimize our discomfort.

The HAVE, BE, DO incongruence arises out of our sense of not enough. It bedohavereframes what we are HAVING into the context “I AM this that I am having.” Think about all of the things that you have–your body, your job, your story, your beliefs, etc. When you confuse yourself with what you have, living as if what you have is who you are, you suffer.

If spiritual congruence is BE, DO, HAVE, then it is our BEING that informs what we DO with what we are HAVING. This order of principle arises when our more than enoughness becomes the context of our HAVING. It is our more than enoughness that uses whatever we have as a mechanism of fulfilling our purpose and passion. It is our more than enoughness that sees EVERYTHING that we have as our ABUNDANCE. When our context for HAVING is our more than enoughness, everything that we have serves the greater purpose of moving us into a transformational relationship to life. We are free to desire anything we can imagine, providing that it becomes something that we USE to fulfill our purpose and passion, otherwise, whatever we draw into our life will eventually HAVE us.

ProsperityWhen HAVING is experienced from our sense of MORE than enough, everything we have becomes our ABUNDANCE.

For the longest time people have been saying to me that I am “ahead of my time.” I am just coming to realize that being branded as “ahead of my time” has really played well into my sense of not enough. The years I have spent trying to aid in the evolution of the New Thought movement, while appreciated, has left me empty when my effort is described as misaligned or ahead of my time. There was a “time” when I wondered if my advocacy was even worth it given what I have to show for it, career wise. I mean, if my work was really relevant and of value, why do I feel like I am pushing the river, rocking the boat, or otherwise a prophet crying in the wilderness in his own country and sometimes without much honor. (This is my sense of not enough running my thought process.)

Most of us have been waiting for something. I have been waiting for my work to matter and for it to translate into some tangible evidence of my worth. I have been waiting something to happen in the outer for confirmation that I matter, that I make a difference.

So here’s the hideousness of my sense of not enough: My life is filled with countless moments of praise, letters, calls, thoughtful and heartfelt acknowledgements of how my work and my presence has helped others. But my sense of not enough won’t let me take in all in, to my core, in part, because my good deeds have yet to translate into more income and a greater capacity to manage my retirement goals. My sense of not enough has caused me to push away the very evidence I have craved that gives me the sure and certain knowing that I am more than enough.

Enter, stage right…the mind movie visualization tool. Here is my movie: (https://youtu.be/15PU5CUOfMw)  Pay particular attention to the words of the  song: It’s My Time.

The moment I began working with this song I noticed that the music invoked in me the “felt sense” that IT’S MY TIME! I started listening to the music over and over as I took those words into my consciousness, It’s My Time. It’s MY time!

And then in a moment of insight, I realized that my higher self was singing to me:

There’s a feeling inside of me, it’s telling me that I can be more and more of who I am, it’s a power that says I can. Open up to the passion in me, it’s a call to rise that’s calling me to wake up to what I want to be; it’s my time to claim my destiny. Time to let go, get ready to fly, open my heart and reach for the sky; starting today I know the reason why there’s nothing I won’t try.

I’m not holding back, I’m not giving in. There are choices to be making, it’s time to begin the journey that never ends, I create the space that I am living in. My imagination is pulling me; I’m on a path toward success and clarity, I’m in the its-my-time3flow of life for all to see. My intentions are guiding me. Time to let go, get ready to fly, open my heart and reach for the sky. Starting today I know the reason why there’s nothing I won’t try.

When I commit to integrity you know what flows from me is authenticity and I will follow my heart because it’s telling me; it’s my time to claim my destiny. It’s my time to let the world know that I can stand up and declare just who I am.

These words transported me to the realization that I had been waiting for something that has always been available to me, the awareness that I am more than enough, right now. And, if that is true, then this IS my time! It has been my own sense of not enough that’s been the real issue over these last 18 years, not the value or relevance of my work. I get that now. What’s more, the awareness that it is my time has become a “state of being” that carries with it the felt sense that I am more than enough. My mind movie helps me to sustain these feelings and the images that I have chosen form the substance of what connects me to the FEELING of more than enough.

Now this is important. The movie is NOT for the primary purpose of attracting something into my life, but serves to help me sustain the elevated feeling of my more than enoughness state of being. To be sure, it is likely that the visualization tool will help me to manifest a greater good, but it is my FEELING of more than enough that is the focus of the process.

Recently, I had some people ask if I am okay with not manifesting as much follow-your-heart money as I have visualized in my movie. My response is: That’s not the point. The transformative power of the mind movie process is not with respect to what happens in the outer, but rather what happens within me right now, today, in this moment. How I feel as an effect of a more than enough state of being with whatever I am having is the critical issue. Can I be with whatever is arising in my experience (HAVING) from the context of my more than enoughness? To the degree that I am able to relate to what I am having as my abundance is the degree that this now moment is a stepping stone to the fulfillment of my purpose and passion. And, it is this FEELING that I want my entire congregation to experience as evidence of their magnificence and worth. It is from my more than enoughness that I want everyone in my ministry to experience what I am now HAVING.

As my more than enoughness continues to inform my thinking, how I see things, what I do, and what I choose to empower, I see that my new found state of being requires practice to sustain and expand. Our more than enoughness remains dormant until something in our life activates it. Then it is necessary to teach our brains how to see from the context of more than enough because our brains have been conditioned to see our life in the context of limits and obstructions. It is necessary for us to create new neural pathways surrounding our more than enoughness in order for our body / mind to have easy access to what is a growing sense of our innate worth. Once the “state of being” of our more than enoughness becomes well established, our HAVING is an extension of our capacity to make each now moment a connecting link in the causality chain that brings forth a greater good that is a blessing to the entire world. We USE what we HAVE to make a difference.

In Part 5, I will share our plans for getting our entire congregation involved in the project and how this coherence will aid in the shifting of our culture to the mission-centric model of ministry.

Blessings, Gary

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