From WTF to OMG: Guest Blog by Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons

This timely message will warm your heart and give you hope. (MindMovie Visualization Tool series will continue after the New Year.)

I have always had a fascination with the concept that a tiny piece of straw, weighing merely a fraction of a gram could have the potential to crack the spine of a camel or that during a heavy snowfall, the weight of one tiny, single snowflake landing on a tree branch can be the tipping point that separates that branch from the tree.

The reason I find it fascinating and, in fact, hopeful is because I like to imagine the prospect that a world of peace, justice and compassion is possible and maybe – just maybe – what is needed to make that a reality is one more voice to speak or one more action to be taken to reach critical mass for change and transformation. Maybe it is time for me to stand up and say, “I will be the change that I seek!”

We live in “interesting times” as the famous Asian blessing/curse reminds us – a time of political corruption, rampant misogyny, fear-based xenophobia, homophobia, racism and poverty. Prisons have become highly profitable and people of color are part of the marketing plan. They are being incarcerated at an alarming rate – it is the new Jim Crow.

Then there is terrorism, environmental degradation, species extinction, genetically modified food, prescription and illegal drug abuse, addiction, sweatshops, and toddlers with guns. Corporations gain human rights while humans watch their rights dwindle. Fake news abounds and unreliable corporate-owned media can no longer be trusted. Delusional twitter rants at 3 a.m. become the headlines.

Take a breath.

Looking from this perspective, an overwhelming sense of hopeless, powerless despair rises up and threatens to engulf me. It leaves me wrestling with a modern version of the age-old question – WTF? What kind of insanity has gripped the people of this world? Are these the “end times” as foretold? Could this actually be the final curtain call for life on Planet Earth?

Paraphrasing Eckhart Tolle’s observation in his book, A New Earth – if humanity’s history was being examined by a mental health care professional, the human race would be deemed an incorrigibly violent, murderous, insane, psychotic psychopath.

Although Tolle shares it in a semi tongue-in-cheek manner, his point is a valid one. We can think of humanity’s past as a rather sordid record of an ego-based, shadow-driven world.

While it is important to be informed about what is happening in the world, this line of hopeless, doomsday thinking is clearly counter-productive to bringing forth any measure of peace, insight or change. In fact, it just adds to the problem. To overcome this hand-wringing sense of “hell in a hand basket” thinking, I set out to transform my inner state from one of WTF to OMG. I began by writing down five good, positive things that could conceivably come out of this messy time.

  1. The so-called Cultural Creatives finally get out of our complacent bubbles and off our complacent asses, find each other and mobilize.
  2. People take on shadow integration work as a way of life, realizing that all of the world’s ills stem from and in fact, are mirroring our own individual ego-based, shadow-driven behavior.
  3. Sleeping Beauty, aka the intuition, wakes up in every heart – and she is no damsel in distress. Turns out that taking authentic compassionate action is the awakening kiss.
  4. Wholehearted Living lovingly encompasses egoic thinking in “transcend and include style”.
  5. Second tier integral consciousness finally emerges.

And we all sing Kumbaya.

Hey, it could happen. Maybe this can become the dawning of the Age of Aquarius that the boomer generation has been anticipating for so many decades. Perhaps the harmonic convergence lines up for real this time, and the Indigo children are ready to launch.

There’s no reason why a transformed world can’t emerge. It begins with a transformed mind and the first hurtle I need to clear, is the belief that it can’t happen. As my best friend in seminary used to be fond of saying to me – get past yourself, Jane. Get past myself. It’s always about that, isn’t it?

That’s the work. The face in the mirror won’t smile at me before I smile first. If I really believe that the outer world mirrors what is going on within me, then I have some work to do.

So what if I released the belief system that says it’s never going to happen and made these five possibilities actual, personal goals of mine?

I know the drill.

So as we are poised for a brand new year to begin, here is my to-do list for ringing in a New Clear Age of transformation:

  1. Let go of the belief it can’t happen.
  2. Visualize what you want to see come forth.
  3. Feel the way you will feel when it comes to pass.
  4. Saturate your heart in gratitude.
  5. Surrender to the Greater Mind. Let it lead. Stop interfering with the flow of life.
  6. In a state of total expectancy, gratitude and excitement, say yes to whatever is showing up on the path as the next step to making the new vision a reality.
  7. Be ever mindful of the critical voice and shadow beliefs as they surface. Then shower yourself with compassion.

Aaaaand, repeat.

It is time for all of us to find within ourselves what we want to see in the world and then express it. You think the world needs more compassion – be it. More integrity? Be it. More kindness? Be it.

What if my voice and my action could be the proverbial straw?

What if it’s yours?

Is the final snowflake wending its way downward and poised to alight?

Blessings, Jane

Dr. Jane Simmons is an ordained Unity minister, and holds a doctoral degree in Theology from Holos University Graduate Seminary. She is the author of I of the Storm for Teens and the co-author of, Who Have You Come Here to Be, 101 Possibilities for Contemplation. Her latest book, You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening will be published after the New Year.

Jane is the co-founder of The Q Effect and is a powerful speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and educator with a commitment to heart-centered approaches to personal transformation. She resides in Spokane, Washington with her husband and co-minister, Dr. Gary Simmons.




14 thoughts on “From WTF to OMG: Guest Blog by Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons”

  1. Thank you Jane for this inspirational post. You sure call it like it is and I love that honesty! I do believe that we are at the dawning of a new reality even though it seems all is going backwards. We are at the precipice of a great change to come even though it doesn’t appear that way. We need to stand fast, hold the faith and be the change the world is waiting for. And your words speak just that!
    So grateful,
    Andrea Shishakly

  2. Jane,
    Spirit is truly working through you; this was the most inspiring call to action that I’ve read thus far! Thank you for being authentic and a beacon for the new world.Cynthia R.

  3. Beautifully put, dear Jane. I plan to quote you in my end-of-the-year blog post.

    Your prescription is perfect – do your spiritual work!

    I am knowing a prosperous, healthy, and awakened New Year for you and Gary!

    Love and Light,
    Jim Lockard

  4. Jane, I liked your inspirational message. I am grateful for your insights and guidance. Wonder where I might find more SOM picture cards like the one you included in your blog. I am a fellow theological muser. I graduated from the school of theology at St. Thomas University in Miami. Thank you. Rev. Hobbit Forrest, MDiv, CSLFTL

  5. Thank you, Jane, for a thoughtful, positive, instructive, inspiring message in regard to the state our world. We’ve shared and sent out to friends and relatives. Much Love and Many Blessings to You and Gary

  6. LOL…
    Thank you Jane for this insightful article… I think I will need lots of humor To get to the OMG!

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