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I pointed out the obvious to my congregation the other day–the world is changing. I wasn’t just referring to the political landscape and the ramifications of a divided country, nor the challenge of honoring the diversity of perspectives and viewpoints regarding current issues, (especially when speaking from the pulpit). I was speaking to the deeper unease regarding the loss of what has seemed to be a predictable, coherent, and meaningful movement toward a more stable and humane society. (What ever happened to the age of Aquarius?) Understanding that every millennium has had its share of unsettling circumstances capable of ripping apart the very fabric of civility and any notion that the world can work for anyone, seems to be a vision without sure ground.

And so, why should WE be surprised or even shocked at the chaortic dissidence of these times knowing that what is out of integrity, misaligned, untrue, dishonoring, etc. has to surface or otherwise be exposed before a more integral and conciliatory context can emerge within our human family and body politic?

Independent of a world that we seemingly cannot control nor insulate ourselves from, the issue becomes whether or not we will consciously engage this chaortic “field” or become “modulated” to it. In other words, are you on the Transition Team yet? 

The Transition Team is what I call those who feel that these times precisely call us into a new level of consciousness and emotional and spiritual maturity. And, perhaps most emphatically, want to DO something about it.

“Many are called, but few are chosen,” Matthew 22:14

You are either on the Team or not. You are probably on the team if you do not see the world changing as against you, but calling you to engage, to become conscious and to take on two distinct roles: hospicing what is dying, and mid-wifing what needs to be born.

When we look at hospicing and mid-wifing as a transformational process that leads to an evolutionary tipping point in consciousness, we are fundamentally describing a way of managing a polarity that can help us get to the next level while helping to evolve our world. The “catch” is that we must refrain from making the discomforts of what is arising “as a changing world” as something that we need to personally fix. There is nothing about dying that needs fixing nor nothing amiss with birthing a greater reality. The initial effort for is to suppress the tendency to vilify or otherwise judge the dynamics that underlie the issues that
touch us so personally. As hard as that sounds to do, the next step is all about aligning with the field. The field in this sense is the energetic dynamic that gives rise to the felt sense of whatever bothers us, threatens us, or otherwise displaces our sense that all things are working toward a greater good. Aligning with the field cannot happen if we are caught up in a “story” about what’s happening to us or to our world.

Let me just say that we are not discarding, discounting, or abandoning the stories that arise in our struggle to be both in this world and not of it. Rather, I am suggesting that we suspend our impulse to move from: feeling an uncomfortable feeling to creating a story that explains WHY we are feeling so moved. And then, believe the our story as if it is our truth. Instead, we need to use our emotional state like a Geiger Counter, scanning for limiting beliefs.

By aligning I do not imply that these conditions need to be tolerated or even minimized before transition can occur. In my book, The I of the Storm, I mention that the purpose of getting to the “I” of the storm is not to make conflicts go away, but to be able to be present to the conditions which support the storm of conflict without being diminished by it. In the same way, we need to become present to the conditions that support a divided society before we can
help to evolve them (the conditions). And, while the outer manifestation of craziness or even cruelty screams to us “Do Something!”, what often comes to the “outer oriented mind” is fixing what appears to be broken or to vanquishing a seeming evil. Rather than fixing what seems to be broken, Transition Team members instead use the discomfort of crumbling systems and hierarchies as evolutionary drivers. What needs to die, to be released, set aside, transcended, or integrated; and, what needs to be birthed, lived into, awakened, brought online, conveyed that can give rise to a second tier consciousness for a new world and social order to be born into?

Part of the challenge of being on the Transition Team is that no one really has a clear picture or vision of what’s its going to look like when the transition has happened (or at least made the beginnings of a difference) in the world. To be clear, our conditioned awareness seeks a greater good by moving AWAY FROM any discomfort. The tendency, therefore, is to create a vision of a greater good that is the antithesis of what we dislike now or what we fear might emerge. This is what Transition Team members must avoid. We must release any investment on how things need to look or feel as evidence of progress and rather stay focused on the our Team’s work independent of what happens in the outer. Since “transition” implies moving from here to there, from where we are now to where we want to be, etc., we need to keep in mind that this work is done in consciousness and that from the consciousness “context”, there is no “out there” from which to gage our progress.

It has been said that things often need to get worse before they get better. As with all evolutionary processes, the outcome is an effect of a synchronicity of complexities coming together to reveal a “new ground” or in our case, a New Earth. At best, each of us will glean glimpses of what is possible, but only to the degree that we let go of our individual perspectives.

If we cannot know what a better world will look like, and if we cannot fix what’s broken, and if we cannot judge what is happening or right what is wrong necessarily, what, then, is the Transition Team to DO in the world that can make a difference? And, if hospicing and mid-wifing are the transformational practices that can help us to evolve, how do we progress? How do we apply these tools? And, with what aim in mind?

(I hit publish in error, so this blog is not finished yet. To be continued)

Blessings, Gary

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  1. Great comments…the “end” did seem like it left me wondering….and that’s not a bad place to be…. looking forward to the rest!!

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