The Inconvenient Truth About Minister-centric Ministry: Part 2

I am sharing a videos series explaining why I believe minister-centric ministry is unsustainable in these times. This is Part 2 of a 4 part series. Parts 3 & 4 will be sent in a few days.

In this segment I share a unique funding approach to sustainable ministry.

Part 2

I am learning that ministry leaders are watching this series together and then discussing their implications.

Love and Blessings, Gary

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  1. The material you are presenting is most interesting as well as challenging, especially this, your 2nd video. I find it particularly interesting from the standpoint of a minister, retired, when I received my ordination when God was wondering about his creation of dirt. And yet, I feel attuned to this “new” approach, although a bit at sea with Tier 1 and Tier 2 terminology. I look forward to your next offering. Our Center seems to be stuck, my opinion, in what you describe at Tier 1 and wonder how we might work on steps, however tiny, to remedy this. The buck starts with me.