The Inconvenient Truth About Minister-Centric Ministry: Part 4

This is the conclusion of the four part series explaining why I believe minister-centric ministry is unsustainable in these times. I finish with proposing that we reshape the New Thought movement in the context the 2nd Tier imperatives of InterBeing rather than the 1st Tier drives to predict and control (Separation).

One of the things I forgot to mention in the video series is how our minister-centric movement has created minister-centric parent organizations. Think of how much denominational energy and resources go into education, ethics, placement, conflict management, transition ministry, judicatory, etc. Its all about managing the unintended consequences of organizing our institution around the comings and goings of spiritual leaders.

What if those resources were, instead, vested in supporting the transition to mission-centric ministry practice? What if an aspect of ministerial education included how to evolve the organization and facilitate shadow work? Let’s think more deeply into aligning with these chaortic times as we struggle together to keep our movement relevant and sustainable.

Following this blog post, I will finish reposting the Rebranding of Tithing series.

Subsequent blogs will feature videos exploring transition issues and key elements of mission-centric ministry.

Please watch in order: Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2. And, click here for Part 3.

Part 4


These blog posts are intended to be food for Board / Core Council / Spiritual Leader conversations and diaologue. Time to be generate some energy around evolving our ministries to 2nd Tier.

Love and Blessings, Gary

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