Community Q & A on Mission-centric Ministry Coaching Program (MMCP)

I have been receiving lots of inquiries about my coaching program. I now need to request that anyone interested in talking to me about the MMCP, please first watch the Inconvenient Truth About Minister-centric Ministry video series, and the New Funding Model for Evolving Out of Not Enough video series before you reach out to me. This will enable us to have a more coherent conversation about whether or not one of my coaching programs is a good fit for you and your ministry.

Also, consider watching and then debriefing the videos with your leadership. This is already happening in many ministries contemplating transitioning to mission-centric ministry practice.

Part 2 in the video series: The Integral Membership System is in production and will be released soon.

For now, I have included the three edited clips below of a Community Q & A session taped at Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento, where I talk about how the coaching program evolves the ministry. It gives you a sense of the challenges facing New Thought churches and centers, especially in this economy and why this new program is integral to our sustainability as a New Thought Movement.

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Finally, I now have three different coaching programs: 3 year whole system ministry engagement; 1 1/2 transition ministry program (for ministries without credentialed leadership); and 1 year minister / board coaching program (includes the Q Process). Please watch the videos before inquiring about next steps.

Love and Blessings, Gary

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