Integral Board Training for All New Thought Ministry Leaders

I am in the process of creating a series of videos to help provide those who serve on New Thought congregational ministry boards, with everything I know about board best practices and board development. You will be able to use these videos for board training, board retreats, leadership development, and board candidate recruitment.

As New Thought leaders, we know the value and importance of equipping those in volunteer leadership with the skills and training needed to successfully fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Yet, few ministries are in the practice of routinely investing in the competence and efficacy of their board practice.

Not for want of having everyone up to speed, but because the expense and effort of making it happen (board training, that is) tends not to rise to a level of necessity or priority in the greater context of the church’s financial state.

These videos will systematically cover the basics as well as dip into the mission-centric ministry rabbit hole.  These videos will be FREE and uploaded to my Youtube channel.

So, here’s what I need from all New Thought ministers, board / core council members, staff, lay leaders,  Licensed Unity Teachers, Practitioners, and governing members:

  • The top three issues you’d like a comprehensive board training to address
  • Provide details / context to help evolve your board’s effectiveness / coherence
  • Please submit your three issues by leaving a COMMENT below or by emailing me

By helping to identify the important topics to discuss, we are creating together something of value to the entire New Thought Movement, especially if they help those who serve as our ministry leaders.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Please pass this blog post along to your Unity and CSL colleagues and friends.

Love and blessings, Gary

Moving from Minister to Mission-centric Ministry