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Gary Simmons, Th.D.
Gary Simmons, Th.D.

Jane and I began our co-ministry at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane Easter Sunday, 2015. I have received guidance that I should begin this blog to chronicle our approach to taking this ministry to “the next level”.

I initiated a new element to our Sunday worship service liturgy called Center Update with Dr. Gary. It is for the purpose of sharing context for cultural and systemic evolution, what I call “getting to the next level.”

So right off, I want to say that what the next level is, is the question–for both the ministry and individuals within the ministry. I will not be able to describe the next level for this church until we arrive. But the journey is what this blog is about.

In future posts, I will share our beginning efforts to “set the stage” for “getting to the next level conversations”, and the activities, programs, and trainings that will comprise our support of creating a new ministry practice which I have called the Integral Model of Ministry.

While I refer to “our” and “us” meaning Jane and me, these posts will reflect my strategy and learnings regarding evolving a ministry from first to second-tier.

Blessings, Gary

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Integral Ministry Arts”

  1. To share from your heart is a double blessing. First to your own soul and then to others. I am looking forward to reading your blog message’s.

    Blessings to you both as you continue to speak your understanding of truth.

  2. I’m delighted you’re writing a blog and look forward to following your journey. I noticed the “Entries RSS” link on the left side of the blog to subscribe to updates, which I did.

    1. Hi Cortney,

      I added a Subscribe via email to the blog. The RSS thing went away and I am not sure if you will receive updates. Gary

  3. So excited for you both and for your ministry! Can’t wait to see what unfolds. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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