MindMovie Visualization Tool: Part 5

Click Here for a short video of the retreat: https://vimeo.com/191558509
Click Here for a short video of the retreat: https://vimeo.com/191558509

Since my last blog post Jane and I have returned from a 5 day retreat in Cancun with Dr. Joe Dispenza. It was at this Advanced workshop that we learned how to use our mind movies as a tool for programing our subconscious mind to live into a new future (as depicted in our mind movies). Our challenge was to “inhabit” each scene in our movie while in a trance state in order to bypass the “gap” between our conscious mind’s resistance to what seems “make believe” and the subconscious mind’s imperative to “produce” after its own kind (to make what we believe become our reality). This seeming paradox, that on the subconscious level our mind does not know the difference between a real or imagined object, becomes a point of leverage for what I will call “the quantum wizard” within us all. At some fundamental level, our higher self (by whatever name we would call it) is the foundation of BEING, the Zero Point Field from which all things arise. Consciousness or thought is the sole arbiter of the manifest world. Mind, therefore, is the medium by which “thought as a system” is aligned to the process of manifesting our personal reality. The problem is and will continue to be: lifting our consciousness out of the very “system within which it (consciousness) thinks and knows itself”. In other words, we need to transcend our own mind (as a thought system) in order to access a greater mind that is not encapsulated by our own mental models of reality. This means we must break the habit of being our selves–of being our predictable selves–of being our past. Using our current mind and its “thoughtful resources” is like trying to find a solution using the same thinking that created the problem in the first place.

The mind movie, while programing our subconscious to align the body / mind to a vision of a new future, as a transformational tool has as two purposes: 1) to help us understand the mechanics of manifesting and how we create our personal reality, and 2) to help us transcend the obstacles that keep us tethered to a time-based and out-sourced reality-making process.

Dr. Joe often says that when you know the “what” and the “why” of something or of some process, the “how” becomes easier. When you know exactly “what” changes you are seeking to affect in your brain while meditating, for instance; whatwhyhowand when you know “why” getting beneath your analytical mind (moving from beta to alpha brain waves) is integral to accessing higher states of consciousness, the specific practices (how) of directing attention and awareness become more doable. He eliminates all of the guesswork in the process of transforming one’s personal reality and brings it ALL into the arena of spiritual practice (meditation) rather than spiritual bypass (reframing or translation).

Another favorite saying of Dr. Joe’s is a quote from Albert Einstein, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” The “field” being referred to here as the quantum field or the context of observation (the observer effect). The particle waverefers to the manifest experience (matter / form). What shows up in our life is not only an effect of how we see things and the meanings we affix to our perceptions, it is also a byproduct of the consciousness within which the thought, idea, or notion is conceived, i.e. the context or the field of observation. If the context or the field is a sense not enough or insufficiency, then what gets manifested is lack. If the context or field is wholeness, oneness, love, or more than enoughness, then what gets manifested (first in consciousness) is the awareness that everything we HAVE is our abundance; (and then in form) allowing us to USE what we are having to bring forth a greater good.

Another important principle is that of coherence. A laser light is an example of a highly coherent light source. All of the photons are super-aligned and aimed at a single point. An incandescent light such as a night light or a fluorescent light is an example of an incoherent source. The photons are scattered and go off in all directions. Our bodies emit and receive electromagnetic energy from the field that surrounds us. This field is filled with energy and information. The higher the energy (frequency) and the purity of the signal (coherence) translate into optimal coherent_lighthealth and immune function. When the energies that surround us are of a lower vibration and incoherent, what we take in from the field diminishes our energy and the vitality of our energy centers. Therefore, it could be said, when we consciously raise our frequency and create a high degree of coherence within our energetic field, we are optimizing a “whole-being” capacity for intelligent transformation — transformation that is aligned with our soul’s intent to bring us into ever greater expressions of wholeness, love, and more than enoughness.

The importance of all of this becomes evident when we consider the practice of using the mind movie as a systematic process of living as if we are more than enough. Once the movie is made and becomes a community-wide spiritual practice, each individual uses her movie to: 1) reprogram the subconscious mind to a new future, 2) sustain elevated emotions of the felt sense of one’s future state, 3) raise one’s energetic frequency, 4) break the habit of being one’s limited self, and 5) attract into one’s life greater abundance and well-being.

To date, we have had two MindMovie Production Team (MMPT) meetings comprised of volunteers who have said YES to:

  • Learning the MindMovie making process by creating their own Mind Movie
  • Attending MindMovie Production Team meetings to debrief the movie creation process
  • Co-creating guidelines for those in our congregation that need assistance in creating their own movie
  • Volunteer to create 5 – 10 movies for community members (for a love-offering)
  • Meeting personally with members to create their mind movie

we-are-thrivingEach MMPT member received their own MindMovie.com account purchased by the church. Each MindMovie account costs $97. We raised over $2700 allowing us to purchase ample accounts to manage the congregation-wide project of providing everyone with their own personal mind movie.

Next week, everyone in our congregation who wants to work with a member of the MMPT will meet to discuss what each individual needs to bring to the mind movie making process (personal pictures, upbeat music, affirmations, videos, etc). For those in our ministry that do not have devices (for playing their movie) or have physical disabilities (blindness, hearing loss, etc), a special effort will be made to accommodate each person with some suitable adaptation to the mind movie experience.

It is too soon for me to report anything substantive with respect to the impact of the project thus far. As momentum and enthusiasm for the project builds, we expect that the New Year will be filled with an abundance of transformative stories and testimonies as a result of our efforts.

Blessings, Gary