A New Funding Model for Evolving Out of Not Enough: Part 1

I recently shared with our congregation a new funding model that has shifted our entire Board out of any sense of not enough with respect to church finances. It has taken us three years, but we have finally recognized that we have moved out of framing the experience of seasonal cash flow issues, our annual deficit, the need for fund raisers, and our practice of dipping into our line of credit as evidence of not enough.

This videos series will help you understand our shift and how this new funding model has unleashed our capacity to own a sustainable future at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane by shifting from a tithing-based funding paradigm to a owner-base funding imperative that cultivates ownership and partnership, rather teaching tithing as a remedy for our organizational not enough.

Love and Blessings, Gary

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  1. I am encouraged by what you are trying to accomplish. Our church is without a minister right now and going through the search process. I am sending your coaching videos to various leaders in the church: Unity Church of the Cumberlands. I hope they take heed.