The Integral Membership System: Part 1

This is Part 1 in a series about a phased approach to mission-centric ministry membership called The Integral Membership System. The membership system is likened to a Labyrinth walk. It is the only program in the New Thought movement that cultivates ownership and increases revenues.

In Part 2, I introduce the principle of the Minimum Member Contribution.

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Blessings, Gary




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  1. Hi — My church (Unity of Santa Barbara CA) adopted the Integral Model while I was away; now I am on the Bylaws team (again; I was secretary when we last did a major revision in 2003-4). We are considering these changes, and I don’t know enough about the Integral Model. I sent for your dissertation weeks and weeks ago and haven’t received any response. Could you please send that now?
    I have to say, I was an academic researcher, and your dissertation summary does not impress me. So I am looking for the data and theory on which this model is based, the results that other churches have achieved using this model, and some basis for supporting the changes UoSB is trying to make. What can you send me that will help convince me this is a good model for our church to incorporate?
    Thank you for your time and effort.

    • The Integral Membership System is a module of my mission-centric ministry coaching program. It is NOT intended to be implemented independently. My dissertation does not apply to this body of work. For a more comprehensive understanding of my program, it would be helpful to watch the video series: The Inconvenient Truth About Mission Centric Ministry and the video series on the New Funding Model for Evolving Out of Not Enough. Watching these videos will give you a better understanding of what I have created. UoSB is not a client, so I am not sure how your ministry has adopted anything I have created.