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Gary Simmons, Th.D.
Gary Simmons, Th.D.

Jane and I began our co-ministry at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane Easter Sunday, 2015. I have received guidance that I should begin this blog to chronicle our approach to taking this ministry to “the next level”.

I initiated a new element to our Sunday worship service liturgy called Center Update with Dr. Gary. It is for the purpose of sharing context for cultural and systemic evolution, what I call “getting to the next level.”

So right off, I want to say that what the next level is, is the question–for both the ministry and individuals within the ministry. I will not be able to describe the next level for this church until we arrive. But the journey is what this blog is about.

In future posts, I will share our beginning efforts to “set the stage” for “getting to the next level conversations”, and the activities, programs, and trainings that will comprise ourĀ support of creating a new ministry practice which I have called the Integral Model of Ministry.

While I refer to “our” and “us” meaning Jane and me, these posts will reflect my strategy and learnings regarding evolving a ministry from first to second-tier.

Blessings, Gary

Moving from Minister to Mission-centric Ministry